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Liquid Polybutadiene Resins

Cray Valley offers a diverse selection of specialty liquid polybutadiene grades including low and high vinyl polybutadiene homopolymers, poly(butadiene-styrene) copolymers, and a silylated polybutadiene.

Ricon® grades offer a complete selection of microstructures, which translates to a wide spectrum of glass transition temperatures. In addition to the base product line, functional derivatives are available. The Ricon MA and Ricobond series include maleic anhydride grafted grades.

Our unique Krasol product line consists of both unsaturated and fully hydrogenated telechelic polybutadiene diols.

The products are used in an equally broad spectrum of markets and applications. Low-viscosity liquid polybutadienes are used as processing aids, and the wide Tg range allows for modification of tire performance properties. In addition, high vinyl grades are useful as coagents for the peroxide cure of rubber. Functional grades expand the utility of the polybutadiene resins to many other applications including polyurethanes, polyurethane dispersion, hydrophobic sealants and coatings, and thermoset/thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) modification.

Discover Liquid Polybutadiene Resins

Molecular weight (Mn, g/mol)
1,2 Vinyl (wt, %) TDS
Low Vinyl Content Homopolymers

Ricon 130

Homopolymer of Butadiene 2,500 28
Ricon 131 Homopolymer of Butadiene 5,500 28

Ricon 134

Homopolymer of Butadiene 10,000 28
Ricon 138 Moderate Vinyl Homopolymer of Butadiene 2,500 40
Ricon 300 Low Vinyl Homopolymer of Butadiene 1,800 15
High Vinyl Content Homopolymers
Ricon 142 Homopolymer of Butadiene 3,900 55

Ricon 150

Homopolymer of Butadiene (Powdered Dispersion of High Vinyl Butadiene) 4,200 72

Ricon 152

Homopolymer of Butadiene (Powdered Dispersion of High Vinyl Butadiene) 3,900 82

Ricon 153

Homopolymer of Butadiene (Powdered Dispersion of High Vinyl Butadiene) 6,700 85

Ricon 154

Homopolymer of Butadiene (Powdered Dispersion of High Vinyl Butadiene) 9,000 87

Ricon 156

Homopolymer of Butadiene 1,400 73

Ricon 157

Homopolymer of Butadiene 2,400 72
Butadiene-Styrene Copolymers

Ricon 100

Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer (20% Styrene) 2,800 70

Ricon 110

Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer (20% Styrene) 2,400 70

Ricon 181

Low Vinyl Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer (28% Styrene) 5,200 30

Ricon 184

Low Vinyl Butadiene-Styrene Copolymer (19% Styrene) 9,400 30
Ricon 603 Functionalized Polybutadiene 3,500 65

 Certified renewable feedstock available

 US FDA compliant for use in food contact materials.

Contact us for more information regarding limitations and suitable uses.