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Dymalink 633

Dymalink® 633 is a solid diacrylate for use in general rubber applications requiring scorch resistance. It is recommended for use in peroxide cured systems requiring enhanced adhesion or dynamic properties.

  • Contains non-nitroso inhibitor package for scorch resistance
  • High crosslink density
  • Improved metal adhesion
  • Good hardness
  • High elongation
  • High modulus
  • High tensile strength

Dymalink 636

Dymalink® 636 is a solid calcium diacrylate for use in applications requiring a slower cure rate than other acrylate coagents. It is recommended for general-purpose peroxide curing of thermoplastic elastomers, particularly chlorinated elastomers. The product is useful in molding or extrusion applications.

  • Slower cure without scorch retardant
  • Improved dynamic flex properties
  • High tensile strength

Dymalink 705

Dymalink® 705 is a solid diacrylate recommended for use in peroxide and amine cured systems requiring enhanced adhesion, particularly to plastics and metals.

  • Adhesion promotion
  • Peroxide curable
  • Enhanced dynamic properties
  • High crosslink density
  • High hardness
  • High tensile strength
  • Improved heat aging
  • Increased abrasion resistance

Dymalink 706

Dymalink® 706 is a difunctional solid diacrylate modified to enhance dispersion in elastomers. It is recommended for use in peroxide cured systems for rubber-based compounds.

  • Fast cure response
  • Peroxide curable
  • Adhesion promotion
  • Excellent dynamic properties
  • Good dispersion
  • High crosslink density
  • High hardness
  • Increased abrasion resistance
Tech Update

Increasing Regrind Levels in High-Melt-Strength Polypropylene Using Dymalink® 9200